Recently Launched: Capital Camps Website

by Francesca Furchtgott
Capital Camps was interested in creating a professional and engaging website that communicated its mission of building and strengthening Jewish identity.

How To Give Effective Design Feedback

by Kathleen Kenney
This article is for anyone who has ever said --or heard-- “I want this to pop!” or “Can we make our logo a little bigger?”

Facebook is Cracking Down on Click Bait

by Eve Copeland Bentovim
According to a recent blog post by Khalid El-Arini, Facebook Research Scientist, and Joyce Trang, Product Specialist, the company is cracking down on ‘click-bait...

Accessibility = Beauty

by Abbey Schuyler
It wasn't until I started working at SPARK and had the opportunity to create a 508 Compliance guide that I understood the importance of taking the user into consideration.

House of Cards: CEO Talks Gaming at White House Conference

by Julie Silverstein
On March 27, 2014, SPARK’s Founder and CEO, Spencer Gerrol, and Senior Advisor for Digital Media at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, Mark DeLoura, led a joint session at the Next Generation Philanthropy Conference, hosted by the White House.

Lost in Translation

by Walky Goode
Some values are common to the much of the Hispanic community. With loyalty chief among them, targeting the Hispanic community offers clear advantages.