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Our ongoing partnership with AAA has had a transformative impact on their brand and bottom-line.

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AAA is known for roadside assistance, but their approach was antiquated. Who wants to wait on hold while standing on the side of the highway?

In the new world of Uber and Waze, AAA had to ensure an optimal experience of hailing roadside assistance with the tap of a button.

SPARK conducted usability testing on AAA's new roadside assistance app to improve customer satisfaction, confidence, and peace of mind.

Previous Work


Did you know that teens are three times as likely to get into accidents than other drivers? Driving kills more teens than cancer, homicide, and suicide combined. The safety of teen drivers, and consequently all motorists and pedestrians, is an issue of great concern.

AAA called on SPARK to conduct UX research with the aim of crafting an online experience to teach parents and their children how AAA can help with driver training.


With over 50 million members, AAA has a strong market foothold and brand recognition index. However, youth view it as their “grandfather’s company” and have not replaced older generations of clients.

AAA called on SPARK to create a campaign and microsite designed to engage a younger college-age demographic.


For decades AAA has been a destination for travel services, with bookings core to their revenue stream.

But today, Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, Kayak, and a myriad of others have overtaken the market. AAA is left risking significant losses.

AAA engaged SPARK to create an online travel booking site to rival the competition through a more user-friendly and engaging design.


Since your sixteenth birthday, driving has equaled independence. Unfortunately, driving can become increasingly hazardous with the onset of aging. The decision to stop driving is often a highly emotional topic for seniors and caregivers, alike.

This highly emotional topic is difficult on the senior and on their children.

We helped AAA ease these difficult conversations by employing UX research and recommendations to better showcase how the organization can help.

SPARK taught us how research and design connect. Not only did they create great design, they changed the culture of our organization — Web Director, AAA


AAA has over 50 million members. But only a very small subset ever register for online accounts. Even worse, those who register rarely return.

AAA hired SPARK to perform user experience and usability research to understand how to motivate members to create AAA online accounts and return regularly.

As a next step, we designed a new interface that solved the UX problems.


Medication side effects can create serious safety concerns on the road. Research shows that most individuals are unaware of how their prescriptions can impact their driving abilities.

AAA called on SPARK to design and develop an online tool that allows you to easily input specific medications and receive warnings and advice –catered to your medicine cabinet.

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