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Angry Birds: Eye Tracking

With over 2 billion downloads, Angry Birds is the most downloaded app of all time, but the advertising model needed SPARK’s help.

The Challenge

Rovio, the maker of Angry Birds, brings in $200 million in revenue per year, but they needed a way to keep advertisers in the game.

Some advertisers questioned whether ads displayed during gameplay were actually being seen. And does anyone purposefully click on these ads?

Ford partnered with SPARK and Rovio to develop, test and scientifically validate new advertising formats that would do a better job of attracting consumers – and bolster the confidence of advertisers.

The Approach

SPARK conducted an eye tracking study to empirically measure performance of different ad types.

We also measured brain activity through EEG to determine when ads were appealing vs. frustrating.

Our applied research led to new ads that are more fun, less annoying, timed better, and creatively integrated into the context of the game.

The Outcome

We determined one ad type that:

  • Drew the eye 7x faster
  • Maintained attention 3x longer
  • Was remembered later 3x more


  • Enabled Rovio to increase mobile advertising revenue
  • Positioned advertisers to gain more from each impression
  • We made Angry Birds players far less angry
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