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Bloomberg: Eye Tracking

Michael Bloomberg himself commissioned SPARK to study how Bloomberg TV compares with CNBC and how to come out ahead.

The Challenge

Bloomberg wanted to determine the effectiveness of the TV layout. With multiple display elements on-screen, including news and stock tickers, they needed scientific data to determine:

  • Is the display overwhelming?
  • Are people able to consume the information easily?
  • How does Bloomberg compare to CNBC?

And as a result of these findings, how could the layout and design be improved?

The Approach

To best address these questions, SPARK conducted an eye tracking study, measuring audience eye movements with millimeter accuracy.

Our UX Team analyzed:

  • Attention
  • Attraction
  • Usefulness

Bloomberg TV competitor CNBC served as a basis for comparison.

The Outcome

We're under strict NDA, so you'll have to ask Bloomberg for the specifics. But needless to say:

  • The data shed light on viewer experience issues.
  • Bloomberg discovered some CNBC advantages to overtake.
  • Bloomberg used the study to drive data-driven design changes.
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