Shreya Kothaneth

Director of UX Research

If SPARK is where design and cognitive science meet, then Shreya is the one making the introductions.

As Director of UX (User Experience) Research, Shreya manages a research team that explores how humans interact with technology in order to create useful, engaging products.

For the bulk of her professional and academic career, Shreya has been deeply immersed in the world of UX. She holds a PhD from Virginia Tech in Industrial and Systems Engineering, where she specialized in Human Factors and Ergonomics. In her native India – Shreya is from Bangalore – she received her Bachelor of Engineering from an elite but completely unpronounceable university.

Prior to joining SPARK, Shreya was a Senior User Experience Researcher at a company that produces educational products and solutions for guidance counselors, teachers, and students.

She has published a number of papers and book chapters on topics related to technology acceptance, cross-cultural design, creativity, usability of technology, and organizational culture.

It’s hard to believe Shreya has any spare time, but her research into the human condition means she knows the importance of down time for cognitive function. So when Shreya checks out, she loves to travel, read, people-watch, and stay physically fit.


Usability Testing
Contextual Inquiry
Cognitive walkthrough
Heuristic evaluation
Qualitative data analysis
Quantitative data analysis

Selected Publications

Role of Culture in the Design and Evaluation of Consumer Products

Five Tips for Conducting Scientific Research in the UX World

Tablet PC Support of Students’ Learning Styles

A Pilot Study on the Cross-cultural Acceptance of Technology